Bespoke Leathers

Suede Leathers

We produce high level quality suede from 0.9mm to 3.0mm thickness. We tailor-make the suede leathers to the customer’s requirements. Our suede is used in various product ranges e.g. shoes, belting, handbags, clothing and furniture.

Pigmented Leathers

Pigment leather produced in ranges from 0.9/1.0mm to 3.0/3.5mm thickness.
Numerous different prints available from tradition to exotic and also to customer specification.
Our pigmented leathers are used in a variety of products including small leather goods, belts, handbags, shoes, and instrument cases etc..

Industrial Leathers

Clyde Leather produces suede leathers for industrial gloving, welders’ aprons and full jackets for high protection. Leathers have high heat protection and we have been manufacturing this type of product for over 50 years.